Re: [Histonet] Santa Cruz Antibodies !

From:Rene J Buesa

Santa Cruz, as many other antibodies manufacturers, usually place a warning label of "do not
freeze". They are referring to avoid a cycle of "freeze-thaw-freeze and thaw again and again".
This procedure will affect the proteins and should be avoided.
Other manufacturers, like Novocastra sell their antibodies in lyophilized form and have to be
reconstituted (usually with deionized water because the preservatives also come with the 
anibody) and they can be aliquoted and frozen until their expiration date. We use to to than
routinely with many antibodies and all of our FITC conjugated for immunofluorescence.
The temperature at which they are frozen should be the lowest possible; we used -80Celsius
and kept our aliquoted antibodies with the speciments in our tumours bank.
So, answering to your question more directly: no, you cannot freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw....
your antibodies. Yes, you can aliquote them and freeze the aliquotes and, yes, they
could be used after their expiration date; there are a few publications concluding that they
can be used (I just don't have the reference now, perhaps one of the readers of this posting
can forward them to you).
Rene J.

Cesar Francisco Romero  wrote:

Dear People, this is my question:

Does Anybody know what does Santa Cruz people mean when they say " DO
NOT FREEZE " in their Data sheets ?

Can I Freeze aliquotes only once for storage ?

They say that the antibody is good only for one year. I think is a big
waste of money to buy it only for a year.

Thank You in advance

Cesar Romero

Buenos Aires


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