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From:Rene J Buesa

The Leica glass coverslippers I knew sometimes presented problems with sticking coverslips. I have been told that now they are better, and it will also depend on the way you store the coverslips.
Regarding film coverslippers, Sakura is the best, but some pathologists don't like them because they say the photomicrographs are not the same, but this is not true.
If you are going to take photomicrographs with apochromatic objectives with coverslip thickness correction collars (something very specialized to take a maximum advantage of the objective numerical aperture) the film coverslip will not do, you will need glass coverslips No.1 thick.
For routine work, the everyday diagnostic work, film coverslips are OK and will even be adequate for photomicrography. The only thing I found was that long time stored slides covered with plastic coverslips tend to have bubbles and this is caused by a not well regulated xylene drop delivery when originally coverslipped.
Rene J.

"Malek, Jack M"  wrote:
Trying to get a feel for how many folks are using glass cover slips and
coverslippers versus plastic film coverslips? We're deliberating the
purchase of a coupled stainer-coverslipper... Leica versus Sakura.
Anyone have experience with the Leica glass coverslipper? Cheers, Jack
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