Re: [Histonet] Colon mets - cytokeratin IHC

From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Andrea:
I think that you should try to get a paper by Moll, Franke & Schiller (The Catalog of Human Cytokeratins) it is fantastic review (a little old though) that may answer your questions. It appeared published in Cell, vol.31, pp.11-24, Nov.,1982.
>From the "practical" point of view,  for colon I always used CK20 (DAKO; Mo. 1:50, HIER pH6); for skin AE1/AE3 (DAKO; Mo; 1:50 HIER pH6) and CK 5/6 ( BoeringhenManhein Mo, 1:25 HIER pH6); for prostate CK7 (Dako;Mo; 1:25, HIER pH6) and CK34BE12 (DAKO, Mo, 1:75, HIER pH6).
Hope this will help you!
Rene J.

"Andrea T. Hooper"  wrote:
Hi All,

I am looking for the best possible IHC stain to use on colon met 
samples to distinguish single met cells amongst normal adjacent 
liver. I was thinking AE1/AE3 or some CK20 antibody or any others the 
experts may suggest.

I would love to get suggestions of best clones and sources for the 
antibodies as well as staining dilutions and protocols if possible.


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