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From:"Jackie M O'Connor"

Yes - organisms can migrate to the patient tissue rendering false 
positives.  Additionally, if you are staining manually in coplin jars - 
floater organisms can also transfer to patient tissue from the solution. 
Fresh Carbol Fuchsin should always be dropped onto individual slides. 

2 cents from Jackie O'.

"Janice A Mahoney" 
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11/01/2005 01:43 PM

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Hello Netters,
I have a question that may seem very silly to most of you but I'm asking 
to make a point and to see what feedback I get.
On special stains our practice is to place the control tissue on the same 
slide as the patient tissue.  We are automated and the cost of performing 
the stain is much less this way.
Has anyone ever heard of the bacteria from an AFB control section washing 
off and ending up "on" the patient tissue on the same slide?
Any and all feedback is appreciated.
Jan Mahoney
Omaha Nebraska

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