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From:"Molinari, Betsy"

Hi Louis,
I float my sections on a DH2O bath set at 25C. I do not have any
additives in the water. I cut at 2-3 microns on a tungsten carbide D
profile knife. I pick the sections off the knife with forceps or a small
brush, being careful to pick up a small edge of the section. If the
section curls I gently blow on it (of course only works if  forceps is
being used :). I hold the section about 6-8 inches above the water bath
and let it float down into the bath. Yes, sometimes it folds but more
often than not the section lands flat. I do not have a problem with
As far as processing and embedding, we have had to develop our own
protocol due to size, amount of tissue attached and humidity. 
 I am still working on a VVG stain, if you or anyone out there has a
protocol they would like to share.....

Betsy Molinari HT (ASCP)
Texas Heart Institute
Cardiovascular Pathology
6770 Bertner Ave.
Houston,TX 77030
832-355-6812 (fax)

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Subject: [Histonet] MMA and stents (yup again)

working through the process for embedding and cutting coronary stents
using MMA.  would welcome any advice or protocols that are not closely
guarded!  any helpful hints on  your infiltration and embedding,
anti-bubble techniques and cutting /fold reduction would be much
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