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From:"Ingles Claire"

I have used both types. I believe the glass one is the best, but I have only seen the Leica one used. It is a bit quirky, but I have heard the tape system starts to peel after a period of time. I also don't know if you have to use xylene with the tape systems or not, but we use Propar with the Leica system. I believe it is also expensive as all get out for those tape rolls. We haven't gotten the stainer yet, so I don't know how smoothly the combo system works. 
Claire Ingles
UW Mohs Clinic
Madison WI

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	Trying to get a feel for how many folks are using glass cover slips and
	coverslippers versus plastic film coverslips?  We're deliberating the
	purchase of a coupled stainer-coverslipper... Leica versus Sakura.
	Anyone have experience with the Leica glass coverslipper?  Cheers, Jack
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