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From:Rene J Buesa

Two different issues:
1- with regards to stains solutions JCAH consider they should be replaced (cannot be used) even if they still work well after the expiration date. Costs cuts are a concern and that is why I always prepared my staining solutions to the amounts I was going to need for 2-3 months. That is the most economical way of doing special stains.
2- regarding dye powders they are extremely stable. I remember using in 1960 some anilin dyes prepared by Merck in Darmstad (Germany) just after the "Great War" (WW I) and they were fantastic.
Now you should add a label to the bottle with the remark:"No expiration date" (as I use to do).
Rene J.

"Frank, Matthew"  wrote:
The Biological Stain Commission has performed a stability study on dye
powders and found that dye powders kept in closed containers stained well
after over 30 years of storage. Solutions of course are a different story.

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Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how JCAHO views expired
Special Stains. I have some expired Special Stains. We do low volume,
trying to use up some stains before they expire can be difficult. I can
still get the stains to work and the Pathologists like them. Should I throw
them away and order new? As you know the stains can be costly. 
Thanks for your input,
Karen Heckford 
St. Mary's Medical Center
San Francisco, California

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