[Histonet] automated versus manual microtomy

From:Gayle Callis

I agree with Liz totally, and will not be purchasing a microtome unless 
trimming and even sectioning can be done automatically.    The wrists, 
hands, fingerjoints, etc have taken sush of a beating over the years with 
manual operation that automated is going to be welcomed into this 
laboratory asap.  Can't wait for the manual machine to die of mechanical 
failure - trying to think of a way to hasten its demise but it isn't 
happening, maybe a sledge hammer!??

Another device that is helpful is the heated Paratrimmer from 
ThermoElectron in order to remove excess paraffin from sides and back of 
blocks.  Osteoarthritic finger joints can no longer stand the pain of even 
holding cold, metal old scalpel blades or whatever  for doing this.

Trimming and even sectioning with automation is a necessity for preserving 
longevity of histotechs appendages and adjacent joints.

All one has to do is take the time to learn how to use the automated 
features to get rid of repetitive motion stresses,  it is not a worry 
factor!!   Your hands will thank you!

  Liz wrote:

  It normally takes us longer to rough
>trim our blocks than to cut them.  When you have to trim in 100's of
>blocks it puts lot of wear and tear on your wrists, elbows and
>shoulders. With the automated rough trim all we had to do was push
>buttons and let the microtome do the work for us, it was great.
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>Heckford, Karen - SMMC-SF
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>I was just wondering if anyone has a Microm 335 E microtome.  I was
>thinking about purchasing one.   I am a little scared to face into a block
>without manual manipulation.  Do I have to worry about this?  Please let 
>me know
>your input?
>Karen Heckford
>St. Mary's Medical Center
>San Francisco, Ca.
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