[Histonet] TOT: third (and final) update summary.

From:Rene J Buesa

To all Histonet subscribers:
After being disconnected for @ 10 days (no electricy/telephone) due to hurricane WILMA I am
now in the position of posting the third update about the received TOTs.
Since 17 Oct./95 I received just 4 additional:
23- use 10% KOH during 20-45 min at 45C to soften toe nails;
24- use plus slides for toe nails sections;
25-use sulfuric acid x 20 secs.,rinse with water and follow with 0.5% aq. toluidine blue for "thick" (0.5-1 um) epoxy sections for EM (more details will be offered when final the version is used);
26- soak toe nails blocks in soapy water before cutting.
Althogh I am certain that most of you have some TOTs to share with all of us, the response has been weaker than I initially thought it would be, so it is not worth it to keep posting byweekly summaries. This will be the last. Nevertheless you could keep sending me your TOTs and they will be summarized by the end of the year.
To all of you that have contributed to the common good by sharing your TOTs, I thank you.
Rene J. 

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