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Hello again,
      I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who sent me their
insight on my previous question.  I think that it has given me even more
questions to figure out than answers.  But, thats why I love Histonet so
      Some people had questions about our current scope of practice, and
productivity.  We do basic histology and special stains - no immuno's.  We
currently do about 8000 cases a year (approx. 20,000 slides) with two HT's
a gross assistant/autopsy tech and a part-time cytotech who knows enough
histology to cover the HT's sick days and vacations.  We probably average
80 blocks a day. There has been times we have had 150 or more blocks too.
We staff histology from 5am to 3pm and pathology from 9am to 5pm.
      When we merge the two labs we will have 4 more people but only about
6000 more cases, also our autopsies per year will more than double.  So we
will see what happens.  I am going to give all of the responses to my
supervisor and my medical director.
      Thanks again
John Sheppard HT(ASCP)

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