[Histonet] RE: Histonet Digest, Vol 24, Issue 18

From:"Hopkins, Karen"

During the summer months I had submitted a request for information
concerning the actual salaries of HT and supervisory level HT's from
anyone who was willing to share that information.  Other than one
request from someone who asked if I could share the responses with her I
did not receive any responses.   I'm not certain if no one wanted to
share this personal information or if the emails were blocked by MIS at
work.  I would still be interested in this information and plan to use
it to see if the salaries where I work are comparable with other
facilities, realizing the region where the facility is located plays
into it somewhat.

If anyone is willing to share how many years experience they have as a
HT and what they currently make per hour I would greatly appreciate the
information.  Also, I would be interested in the same for supervisor.
Please email me at kmh.02@ex.uchs,org instead of replying through the
histonet site.  I will share my information with anyone who is willing
to share with me and will not include names or facilities to anyone
else.  Thanks for your help

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