[Histonet] Pmv cryomicrotome

From:Jan Willem de Groot

Hi Histonetters,

I was wondering if there are laboratories that are working with the PMV
450mp large cryomicrotome (Palmstiernas Instruments Stockholm) from Leica or
another company. Using the PMV 450mp, mammals like mature rabbits,rats and
mice can be sectioned. If so I would like to exchange information about you
experience with this cryomcrotome e.g. in what way you embed and collect
sections of these large specimens etc.

Thank you,

Jan Willem

JanWillem de Groot
University Medical Centre Utrecht
Dept. of Functional Anatomy
P.O. Box 85060
3508 AB Utrecht, the Netherlands
tel.+31 30 2538323 fax +31 30 2539030
e-mail: j.w.degroot@med.uu.nl 

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