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From:"Chen, Leslie"

Hi Terre,
Here in California we have HIPAA/Patient Privacy regulations that prevent us
from using identifiers.  You should check what privacy regulations you have
there before including patient name on the blocks.  Here at ucla we only use
the accession number.

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Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 12:34:50 -0600
From: "Therersa Stegall" 
Subject: [Histonet] Patient identifiers
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  I have been asked by our lab director to "put the word out" regarding
identifiers on our pathology cases.  At present, we label our blocks
with the accession number and that is all.  We have heard that some
places use the accession number, and also write the patient name on the
side of the cassette.  Of course we check corporate number, name and
date of birth on each pathology requisition when accessioning, but, as
stated previously, we only label cassettes with the accession number. 
Should we do more for identity?  Oh, by the way, I play bassoon, started
in 7th grade. My dad made a belt cup for the bottom of the instrument, I
sat on the strap.  I always soak the reed in my mouth for a while before
playing.  Anyone who says that they split reeds on a daily basis is
either not getting them wet/pliabe enough, or chewing on them.  There is
no such thing as playing all night and wearing them out.  After about
three hours concert play I can't even pucker or purse my lips.  Peace,

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