[Histonet] I need a quote for a tissue processor now

From:"Madary, Joseph"

All you vendors who sell tissue processors please send a quote and I will go with the best one for my needs. I NEED A QUOTE NOW!  I do not want any quotes from Thermo Shandon.  Also do not want pathcenters, excelsiors, citadels.  Prefer a VIP, or even a Leica (not the 1050). I would consider a Ventana if the price is right.  I need at least 3 paraffins, vacuum, pressure, heat, agitation, capability for a printout of the run, decent reagent managment, and the feature that can call a phone number if there is a problem during the run.  I know these all exist because I have used them over the yrs.  Now we are using a Citadel 1000.  I had no idea that these things were still being made.  Makes me think of when I learned this stuff in the 70's, the technicon.  I mean the technicon actually had better features than the citadel I am using now!  I will consider used as cost is a bit of an issue. Thanks folks.

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