Re: [Histonet] staining of rat gut tissue? :explanation

From:"Joanne Mauger"

Hi Histonetters,
Please ignore earlier question about tTG. I was confused. I meant Inhibin (beta)B.
I have been trying the C-18 and G-19 from Santa Cruz with no luck on FFPE tissue. Anyone familiar with this please reply.Thanks for understanding my "senior"though I hate to admit it, moment.

>>> rschoon  11/17/04 11:19AM >>>
PCNA would work.  There is a high cell turnover rate in the gut.

Eva C Andersson wrote:

> I don't have any particular type of staining in mind. This is the 
> beginning of a small project and my boss just wants to make sure I can 
> do a simple staining of the gut tissue that I fixed and had paraffin 
> embedded before he lets me loose on the more important samples. He 
> asked me to look into an antibody that will show good staining  in the 
> rat gut tissue on top of an H& E staining. My H& E staining looks 
> fine. I suppose it could be seen as a control  staining. Is there any 
> particular structure (protein)in rat gut tissue that always shows up 
> with a particular antibody? Hope this clears up some of the confusion.
> Thank you all for your help.
> Eva
> Georgetown University
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