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From:"Paul Howard Lockwood"

Dear Lesley
       The best certificatio program I can direct you  to is The American  
Association For Laboratory Animal Science. There are three levels o  
certificatio, but these are broad range certifications, and not for  
Necrospy alone. I don't think is there is such a specific certification.
        Here's the web site. Http://
      As for job descriptions, we had three classifications fo employees  
working in the necropsy lab. Pathologist: Obvisously a DVM with  
appropriate verterinarian training and
certification through the governoring boards. A prosector bs. preferred,  
but people could be promoted through time and grade. They were the people  
who actually did the harvesting of organs, blood, and bone marrow, showing  
any lesions to the doctor, and reporting all findings verbally to the  
doctor and the technician. The Technicians could be BS or lower. The  
placed organs in formalin, collected weights of organs, trimmed all  
unwanted tissue from organ as directed, prepared all slides and other  
sameple displays or containers.
    This is a pretty rough idea, and I hope is helps some. If there is any  
further need for information, please do not hesitate to ask.
       Paul Lockwood, HT (ASCP) LaTG (AALAS0
Fr 26 Nov 2004 10:27:33 -0500, Lesley S. Bechtold  wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>          Do any of you have a good job description for the people who do  
> animal necropsies in your organization?  Also, are there any  
> professional societies or accreditations or certifications that they can  
> (or should) obtain?  Thank you very much!
>          I hope everyone ate enough and then some yesterday!  Happy  
> Holidays!
> Lesley
> Lesley S. Bechtold
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> The Jackson Laboratory
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> Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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