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I agree with Jackie, I use a Coplin jar with distilled water and 
about 3 drops of 30% ammonium hydroxide, and then rinse in tap 
water twice. i've never had problems and it produces a rather 
pretty blue for me.
                                   Rebekah Smith
On Tue Nov 30 10:35:55 EST 2004, Jackie M O'Connor 

> Maybe I'm being extremely simple-minded - but I just fill up a 
> 200 ml staining jar with tap H20, and add a couple-three drops of 
> 28%.  When it doesn't smell like ammonia anymore, I make new 
> stuff.  How's that grab ya for QA? "Tim Webster" 
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> Hi All,
> I'm curious to know what people's procedures are for making and 
> using ammonia water as a bluing agent in regressive H&E's.
> Currently, our methodology is to make the ammonia water up daily 
> from a 28% stock bottle, and the pH is about 11.  My feeling is 
> that 11 is way to high and that 9-10 is plenty alkaline to blue 
> sections adequately. Additionally, I'm concerned about strong 
> alkaline solution increasing the likelihood of sections washing 
> off or wrinkling.  Sheehan & Hrapchak call for a "weak" alkaline 
> solution in "Theory and Practice of Histotechnology". Also, I can 
> see no reason not to make a working solution weekly/monthly and 
> simply empty and refill the Ammonia water station.  The pH 
> doesn't appear to drop off over time.
> Thanks for your time, and have a great week! Tim
> Tim Webster
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