Re: [Histonet] A New Life -- Anybody want my job??

From:Victor Tobias

I can vouch that her boss is coooooooooool. I worked with Dr. Baldwin 
back when he was a part of Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic 
Laboratory.  Brings back some fond memories. Say hi to Tom for me. In 
case he forgets who I am, I supervised the Histology lab.


MOSS wrote:

>Hi everyone!  
>This is a very exciting time for us in the McManus family.  After 2 years of
>hard work,  my husbandıs business is finally ready to open our doors for
>business in January.   We are doing electron microscopy, TEM  to start out
>with and SEM will come on board when we are able to acquire the scope.
> I handed in my notice that Iım leaving in January, so an excellent job with
>great benefits and an awesome  environment, cool boss and fun co-workers is
>open and up for grabs to anyone who qualifies.  Contact the Employement
>office at Utah State University (  and my boss, Dr. Tom Baldwin
>(ask me privately for his e-mail).
>Our new company is Mt Ogden Scientific Services (MOSS) and we are located in
>Ogden UT.  We have an innovative method of getting final images out -- from
>fresh tissue to fixed, processed  -- within 24 -72 hours.   If there are any
>pathologists who are interested in our services, or if there are any EM labs
>that have more work than they can handle, please contact  us.
>In the mean-time, have a great Thanksgiving everyone.  Yıall outside the US,
>have a great week !!
>Connie McManus
>Mt Ogden Scientific Services
>Ogden UT  84401
>Tel: 801/334-6677
>website is forthcoming.
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