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I recently had that same problem.  Only at first we had Newcomer mucicarmine
and then Poly Scientific.  What finally solved it was making new Weigert's
Hematoxylin.  Someone must have made it up with too much HCl in solution B.
It didn't occur to me that it was the Weigert's, I just thought it was the
muci soltuion.
When I made up fresh Weigert's being very careful on my measurements it
turned out beautifully once again.  When I looked back at the ones that
didn't work I then noticed that the Weigert's did indeed look pale.  I guess
the extra acid in the Weigert's blocks it from picking up the mucicarmine

Hope this helps, I know how frustrating it is when a simple basic stain
doesn't work.

Also, the technical person at Newcomer had me try to de-gas my tap water by
pouring some in a beaker and letting it stand overnight before I used it.  I
guess some water treatments facitlities sometimes puts too much chemical in
and de-gassing helps, but that wasn't our problem.


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I am having a problem with my mucicarmine stains.  I always use 
Polyscientific kits but the last kit I received barely stained at all.   I 
ordered mucicarmine from Fisher (Accustain) but it didn't work either.  I 
am using salivary gland for the control so it should light up really 
well.  Any suggestions to where I can either find a good mucin stain or 
technical hints.  Thanks

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