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I use warm tap water because that's where the slides go in the staining
procedure.  10% BNF is the recommended, but I've never noticed any
difference with the warm tap water.

Food for thought... 
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10 mls formaldehyde, I often use neutral buffered formalin and add a few

drops of Schiffs reagent to this with a pasteur pipette. Use a clear
beaker so you can see color development easily.  The Schiffs reacts 
with  the -aldehyde, and fresh, new Schiffs will turn a very bright 
dark,  red-pink color VERY rapidly.

I suggest you try this with fresh newly opened reagent to see what color

you get - this will help you calibrate your eye to the color that

One caveat:  do NOT pour used Schiffs back into the Stock solution 
bottle,  we store used Schiffs that is contaminated with water carryover

from slides (dilution factor) in a separately labeled  bottle and if we 
reuse this, do the test first or toss used Schiffs if only using a few
i.e. 20 mls or so.  Also, if Schiffs develops a precipitate, we toss it
we never allow it to freeze.

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