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From:"Darren James"

I agree with Connie. I personally would research something myself prior to
asking in this forum and would always suggest to co-workers (particularly
trainees) that they do the same. If you take the time to look something up
and research it I think you do learn more. However I think that recent
comments implying that people who ask "easy" questions are either lazy or
not appropriately qualified are perhaps a little unnecessary. One person's
"easy" question may cause a melt down for another. Surely the whole aim of
his forum is sharing knowledge and experience, not judging others.
Some people may not have a reference library or have the luxury of being
able to sit on the net for hours trying to find out information related to a
stain or procedure. Also those who work in a high pressure environment may
not have the time or resources to test and trial new methods but would
prefer to use an already "perfected" method from another institution.
Perhaps we should show a little professional courtesy to our colleagues and
give them the benefit of the doubt.
I will get down from my soapbox now before I fall off (or am pushed).

In regards to the original counterstain question, I always used Tol Blue
when I performed Von Kossa on undecalcified bone sections.

Have a great day
Darren James

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I think there is a really valuable learning experience in going to
libraries and doing a web search before asking question on this list.  I
have always found that digging out info on my own helps me learn thing
quicker and faster than having it spoon fed.  Having said that, I also
believe that this list provides a valuable reference for those whose
time may not allow them the luxury of going to the library or making an
extensive internet search.  I, for one, am happy to provide info to
anyone who asks.  My view is... if anyone feels the requested info is
too basic to bother with, don't bother replying.

Connie McManus

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Subject: [Histonet] Counterstain for Von Kossa

Any Histology staining book will have a procedure for this stain.

Lots of counterstains to choose from, but nuclear fast red is the

I am going to rant here, so please be patient with me.

How many places out there are opening up labs or doing research with no
trained people? And if these new people have internet access to find the
histonet, they should be finding websites with actual procedures, AND
most colleges and universities have libraries with REAL books on
histology procedures. Go there and read. Since becoming registered 25
years ago,  when I was asked to do something new I would go to my own
library I have accumulated or the university library if it was really
unusual and read, because we did not have the internet.
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