RE: [Histonet] Autoimmunostainers DAKO vs Ventanna[Scanned]

From:"Darren James"

As another option take a look at the Bond Max manufactured by Vision Bio

It performs on board dewaxing, heat induced epitope retreival, enzyme
digestion as well as counterstaining.
I have only heard good things about it.

I have used the Dako extensively and although good, it has it's limitations.
At the time we chose the Dako over the Ventana due to the Ventana being a
closed system. If I were in a position to purchase another I would
definitely take a long hard look at the Bond Max.

Thanks and have a great day
Darren James

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WE have both, and I'm told the Ventana is the 'better' of the two options.
As an ICC virgin and one who will have to choose which platform to go with I
am particularly interested in this thread.

I would prefer to use the cheapest 'open' system that is a automated as
possible, is that mutually exclusive?

Kemlo Rogerson
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Subject: [Histonet] Autoimmunostainers DAKO vs Ventanna[Scanned]

        I am looking for info= rmation from people who have switched from
   Ventanna  to  DAKO  and DAKO to V= entanna.  Why did you switch?  What
   did you like or dislike abo= ut one or the other.

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