RE: [Histonet] Autoimmunostainers DAKO vs Ventanna[Scanned]

From:Kemlo Rogerson

WE have both, and I'm told the Ventana is the 'better' of the two options.
As an ICC virgin and one who will have to choose which platform to go with I
am particularly interested in this thread.

I would prefer to use the cheapest 'open' system that is a automated as
possible, is that mutually exclusive?

Kemlo Rogerson
Cellular Pathology Manager
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
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Subject: [Histonet] Autoimmunostainers DAKO vs Ventanna[Scanned]

        I am looking for info= rmation from people who have switched from
   Ventanna  to  DAKO  and DAKO to V= entanna.  Why did you switch?  What
   did you like or dislike abo= ut one or the other.

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