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From:Luis Chiriboga

Hi Patsy
Yes, That's exactly the approach we use.....double labeling should catch all
CC3/Surface Marker+ cells except for those that have lost significant
fractions of their cell membrane.

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I have a question from an investigator who is looking at rat lungs for
apoptosis by using cleaved caspase 3 IHC and then wants to know what
cell type is under going apoptosis (are they endothelial cells or a mix
of different cells? how can they demonstrate the cell type that is
positive for CC3 since the morphology changes when this happens)  they
do not appear to be smooth muscle cells since there is no positivity
around the arteries.  Should be be doing double IHC labeling say CC3 and
CD31 or F8 together in the same section?  Will the cell undergoing
apoptosis still be expressing these other markers?
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