[Histonet] Info needed on LKB Historange 2218 and LKB Macrotome

From:Mark Bliek

Dear List,

Last week I became the proud owner of 2 decommissioned LKB microtomes. One 
is a LKB Historange 2218, the other a LKB Macrotome (no misspelling).
The 2218 is an automatic, rotating microtome and seems to work fine, but I 
need a knifeholder.
The LKB Macrotome is a computer controlled sliding Microtome. The LKB 
Macrotome is a beast: 3 man were needed to lift it. The way it has been 
designed makes me believe that it must be a very accurate microtome, which, 
despite its 20+ years, I want to use because of it heavy duty construction. 
The controller is however missing.
LKB has disappeared form the market, and a search on the Internet did not 
yield any useful information on either microtomes.

If anyone has information, parts, manuals, technical drawings of these 
machines, I would be grateful to learn about it.

Mark Bliek

Bolton Works LLC
Phone 	(860) 646-3948

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