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From:Ian Montgomery

>In addition to Joanne's reply, using PBS rinsing at chromogen steps can 
>provide phosphate ions that will react with the AP.  Either use TRIS 
>buffered saline throughout whole staining protocol or at least do a TBS 
>rinse x 3 before the AP chromogen step to get rid of phosphate ions.
>Another nice block for endogenous Alk phos is KPL's ready to use universal 
>blocker, done at beginning of staining protocol ( just like peroxidase 
>blocking, up front).    Nice thing is you don't have to add anything to 
>the chromogen at the end.   This block nicely replaces levamisole.

         KPL, you've got me there. Where do I buy this universal blocker.

>At 09:10 AM 11/18/2004, you wrote:
>>Dr. Montgomery,
>>Have you tried adding levamisole to your chromogen? It blocks endogenous 
>>alk-phos in tissue.Dako sells it seperately from kit. I use 1 drop per 
>>ml. of chromogen, and it works quite well.

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