Re: [Histonet] fixation with ethanol?

From:John Kiernan

Ethyl alcohol has been used as a fixative from the
earliest days of microscopy - before 1700 AD.

When microscopes improved (1800s) better fixatives
were developed. Many still include ethanol as a
major ingredient. 

Ethanol alone is still useful for fixing
smears of cells.

There are many books that cover this subject,
and Georgetown University has libraries that
contain them. Go there and read.
John A. Kiernan
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
The University of Western Ontario
London,   Canada   N6A 5C1
Eva C Andersson wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about fixation. I heard someone taking about using
> ethanol for fixation? Could someone please provide me with some info on
> how this can be done? What can it be used for?
> Just curious....
> Eva
> Georgetown University

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