Re: [Histonet] antigen for B-cells in bone marrow

From:"Mildred Fail"

CD20- clone L-26,DAKO, 1:2000  HIER with Citrate Buffer. We do it on BMs almost every day, beautiful every time
Rena Fail

>>> Sharon Cooperman  11/05/04 06:42PM >>>
Dear Histonetters,

Does anyone know of an antibody that works well on B-cells in bone 
marrow?  I'm actually trying to use it on a western blot, but I think 
many Abs that work on IHC work on western.  I've tried CD11a, CD11b, 
and Pax-5, all of which are supposed to work on western but none did 
(maybe I need to load more protein).  Any suggestions would be 
greatly appreciated.

Sharon Cooperman        	     
NIH, NICHD, CBMB                     301.435-8417
Building 18T, room 101               301.402-0078 fax
Bethesda, MD 20892

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