Re: [Histonet] Sections falling off slides

Are you putting the positive control tissue on the same slide?  When we have 
tissue that is washing, we have the cutters put the control on a separate 
slide.  We use DAKO silanized slides and most tissue stays on very well, but 
occasionally tissue will wash.  We found that what I call "double dipping" when 
cutting is a problem (dipping once to put control on slide, and again to put 
patient tissue on slide).  When using silanized or Plus slides, it is important 
not to touch the surface of the slide.  Use only deionized or distilled water in 
the waterbath, and no additives.  Also, if putting the control on the same 
slide as the unknown, dip only the end of the slide that will contain the 
tissue, drain it with that side down, then pick up the other tissue by dipping the 
other end, and drain it with that side down.  We also blot our silanized slides 
after picking up the tissue to remove the water that collects under the 
tissue, allow to dry, then dry in 60 degree oven for 1 hour. 

Hope this helps.

Ellen Yee, HT
Immuno Dept.
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