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From:Geoff McAuliffe

Hi Jo-Ann:

    It may not matter that the paraformaldehyde is a few days or even a 
few weeks old, seems that the "paraformaldehyde must be made fresh " 
dogma is a myth (this was published recently, I just wish I knew where).
NBF from a bottle is a little easier and the little bit of methanol used 
as a perservative does not make a difference at the LM level. Getting 
people to believe that is another matter! On the other hand, the 
students do need to get their hands wet (so to speak) in the lab so that 
when they have their own lab they can train others. And it probably does 
not matter if each student makes his/her fix a bit differently. If they 
make a big mistake, then it is their problem.
    By the way, I think they should be doing their own processing, 
sectioning and staining. It really is part of their training. How else 
will they learn?

Geoff wrote:

>Good Morning Histonetters,
>I would like to get an idea from those histotechs that work with mouse tissue if
>they prefer NFB or Paraformaldehyde as a fixative for routine histology.
>I work for a group of 6 researchers, most of who do mouse work.   Their students
>do the necropsies, remove and block the tissue, make up their own
>paraformaldehyde, fix and submit the cassettes to me from processing and
>I would like everyone to change to NFB to standarize the fixation.  I can
>guarentee that no one makes Paraformaldehyde the same.  Some make it the same
>day, some the day before, 2-3 days before  etc.
>I am meeting with the big bosses this afternoon and would like some ammunition
>if possible.
>Thanks for the assistance.
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