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You will NOT be able to do IFN gamma on any tissue sections. You need to 
read Chris van der Loos's publication on this, impossible on tissue 
sections.  As long as IL-6 is membrane bound, you should be ok.  Don't even 
bother with IFN, for that matter IL4 either.
I will attach his article to you privately, so you can see why IFN will not 
work. He gave the NSH International speaker talk on this in Charlotte.

If I were to do the IL6, EDTA would be the choice.

At 04:51 PM 11/12/2004, you wrote:
>I might need to perform IFN-y and IL-6 immunohistochemistry on
>decalcifed ankles and knees from a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis.  I
>have searched the literature and have determined that it looks like I
>can run the IL-6 on decalcifed joint sections.  One of the articles used
>EDTA for decal and the other that I found did not specify the decal
>agent that was used.  Is any one out there familiar with these
>antibodies and know if they will work in formic acid decalcifed joints?
>Any help will be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance
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