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Multiple faceted question. I'll try to answer it as best as I can.

1.There is NO national requirement to have CEU to continue to work in
histology (or cytology or med tech, etc.).  Most states have NO requirements
(Florida and maybe California are exceptions).

2. Hospitals or your place of employment or even you lab itself can set any
requirement they want, including no requirement.

3. ASCP has a new requirement for all people passing a certification exam
after Jan. 1, 2004. Previously, it was - once certified = certified for
life. Now there is a Certification Maintenance Program. (CMP)

Now, if you want to maintain your certification status through ASCP, you
must have 36 points of continuing education every 3 year, submit a form with
this information along with a renewal fee (currently $50). Documentation
such as CEU forms are not required, unless you are one of the randomly
picked to be audited. Of the 36 points, for HT/HTL, 1 point must be on
safety, 2 points in your area of specialty (i.e., histotechnology) and the
rest of the points can be in your area of specialty, management, education,
or any related lab area of interest.

Points can be awarded for many types of CE, and each type can be worth
different number of points.
For example:
- 1 hour workshop = 1 point
- 1 hour teleconference = 1 point
- 1 semester hour of college = 15 points
- competency assessment by your employer = 2 points per year
- authoring an article in a peer reviewed journal (such as NSH Journal of
Histotechnology or ASCP Laboratory Medicine) = 5 points.

4. Ways to get CE:

Check in the ASCP CMP packet (see above link, click on right side). Page 6
has lots of suggestions.

- attending state meetings
- attending national meetings
- in-services held at your institution
- teleconferences (available through NSH (301-262-6221) and ASCP
- college classes (related to labs)
- safety classes at your institution
- competency assessment
- present at state and national meetings
- write articles for histotechnology journals
- attend vendor workshops

36 points in 3 years really isn't a lot to have to get. And you don't have
to spend a lot of money. In-services are free - just make certain you have
documentation (i.e. sign in sheet). Most places have you do safety quizzes -
fire, electrical, blood borne pathogens, etc. They would count.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Does anyone know where  you can get CEU credits for histology?   Are we
> obligated to have so many a year?  And if so, how many??  I have never
seen this
> information written anywhere.
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