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From:"Darren James"

Hi Jennifer,

In regards to slide labellers the Shandon model is very good. The writing is
etched on rather than printed. Shandon also are in the process of releasing
a laser slide writer. This is a beautiful machine which produces slides of
fantastic quality. Again the information is etched on using laser rather
than being printed, the clarity and detail is something to behold. (It even
prints 2D barcodes).
Personally I would be hesitant to use anything which uses ink. I am sure the
developers of the ink printers have done their homework on the ink
properties but I just cringe when it comes to ink, alcohol, xylene and other
As a side issue the Shandon cassette writers burn the data onto the cassette
so that isn't going anywhere either (unless you particularly want to scratch
it off).
As for stainers the Autostainer RSt is great - see link
I have used this for many years in various labs and it is bullet-proof. It
can store up to 15 programmes and can stain up to 200 slides per
hour(protocol dependant).
Hope this is useful.

Darren James

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Sent: Tuesday, 9 November 2004 9:14 a.m.
Subject: [Histonet] slide stainers and lablers

I'm looking for any info on slide stainers and slide lablers.  Our lab is
looking to purchase one of each.  All responses will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for helping me out whether it is now or in the past.  You
guys ar egreat and I love this forum!

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