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Dr. Cartun,
even though I had a procedure stating that all expired antibodies will be
tested, that the slide with the date and reactivity will be kept on file and
the annotation will be placed on the specificity sheet, it was unacceptable
when CLIA came through. We where using reagents beyond the expiration date
that the manufacturer suggested and we were in violation. Even though I told
this yahoo that my other procedures state that a known positive control will
be used for each run and if the positive control did not work, a repeat
would be performed. If the negative result was contributed by an expired
reagent, then a new reagent would be used.
	I think this is bull because I'm throwing away thousands of $$$$$ in

Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
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San Antonio, TX

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It has been brought to my attention that the CAP Laboratory checklist
has been revised as of 9/30/04 and now includes a question, "Are all
immunohistochemical reagents used within their indicated expiration
dates?".  I have always believed that it is acceptable to use expired
regents (mainly primary antibodies) as long as their reactivity is
acceptable and documented.  Obviously, the expiration date that
manufactures use is not an accurate reflection of the reagent's
likelihood of poor performance.  Does anyone have information on this
change?  Thank you.


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