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I too own a histology lab. I have liability insurance through The St.
Paul.  My insurance broker is IMA, which is a large national firm.  I
did struggle a bit before I obtained insurance.  I am required to have
liability insurance for the clients in which I do animal work for, and
because I lease space at the University of Colorado, but I always
thought that liability insurance was important to have.  I am a member
of the Colorado BioScience Association and through them I was able to
get a contact for someone who would provide me insurance.  Your state
should have some Bioscience association which participates in Bio
(Biotechnology Industrial Organization).  I found that once I joined
that it helped me get in contact with the people I needed to.  As far as
I know of there are only a few insurance providers such as The St. Paul
and Chubb who will insure companies like us.  Have your agent call give
them a call or try to contact a larger National Broker. Also just to
tell you my insurance was not that expensive - around $3500.00 per year,
but that can change.  A new lab across the hallway from me was quoted
$10,000.00 from Chubb. Good Luck.  


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I am trying to obtain general liability insurance to cover my histology
practice and my independent insurance agent claims he contacted 17
different insurers and says he cannot get general liability insurance
for my building unless I have professional liability insurance first
($30,000 to $40,000 per year).  I told my agent I make slides for third
parties (mostly research and academic) and I have no "patients" that can
possibly sue me and I don't sign my name on reports.  He says I own a
medical practice and that magical word "medical" scares off any
insurance company.

Has anyone else had to deal with something like this?  Can some private
labs offer me the names of their insurers so I can get some insurance
before I have to close my lab?

Anyone requiring payment for answering my request need not reply.



     Jim Staruk
Mass Histology Service

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