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Antibodies against the F4/80 antigen are well documented as recognising microglia in mouse.  Serotec are able to supply an antibody to this antigen that may be of assistance as this is suitable for formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue using Trypsin digestion pre-treatment.  This antibody has been refered to many times on the histonet server, if you want to look back through archives for further recommendations.  Do not hesitate to contact me or your local Serotec office/agent for further information.

I hope this helps.


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There are two antibodies I know of that work on ffpe macrophages
including microglia.  They are ED-1 (Serotec) (requires pH 6.0
citrate antigen retrieval, I use a microwave pressure cooker) and
Mac-3 (Pharmingen) (supposedly doesn't require antigen retrieval,
hasn't been as strong staining as ED-1 but I haven't really tried
that hard).  They both stain golgi, so theoretically stain other cell
types as well, but in reality only stain macrophages so you can see
it and it seems to be well accepted in the literature that they are
macrophage-specific markers.


>My colleague is trying to find an antibody that is specific for
>microglial cells that will work on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded
>mouse brain sections. Has any one had any luck with a particular
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