RE: [Histonet] HMB50 and D2-40

From:"B T"

thank you.......we have tried that protocol as well as a host of others....I 
have just retrieved offline and stained by hand as well....all to no avail!! 
I think the  antibody may be a dud.....since we have tried just about 
everything apart from standing on one foot and singing Jingle Bells while 
the slides "stain". Thanks for the is very helpful.

The D2-40 is supposed to be a vascular marker....this is what the ordering 
pathologist intends to use it for.

Thanks again for your help......this supports my feeling that we got a bad 
batch of antibody.


>From: "Bill Sinai" 
>To: "'B T'" ,"histonet (E-mail)" 
>Subject: RE: [Histonet] HMB50 and D2-40
>Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 15:44:36 +1100
>I have spoken to the lady who does ourIHC on the Benchmark and she uses the
>HMB45 + 50 antibody from Neomarkers.  She uses a mild CC1, the antibody
>diluted 1:50 and a 32min incubation time.
>Hope this helps.
>What is the other D2-40 antibody?
>Bill Sinai
>Laboratory Manager
>Tissue Pathology, ICPMR
>Westmead NSW 2145
>Ph 02 9845 7774
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>Subject: [Histonet] HMB50 and D2-40
>Hi all,
>Is anyone out there doing melanoma clone HMB50 on the Ventana Benchmark? If
>so, what protocol are you using? I am having no success working up this
>antibody and at this point i'm not sure if there might be a problem eith 
>antibody itself.
>Also, is anyone using D2-40 on the Benchmark......I am getting staining but
>would like to punch it up a notch without having the tissue fall off the
>Help please!
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