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Red Blood cells autofluresce.  Sounds like the brains are not perfused to wash out the red blood cells and ensure rapid penetration of fixative.  You need to perfuse the whole body at sacrifice to get out all red blood cells.  See the following link

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Subject: [Histonet] HELP!!! - Autofluorescence in the mouse brain - HELP!!!!

Dear All,


I need you help. One of the users of our microscopy facility is doing immunoassaying on mouse brain slices. After PFA fixation he sees autofluorescence from certain regions of the brain. It looks like rather big grains in the cytoplasm. We see it in the FITC and Cy3 channel!
Unfortunately it is also visible in the unfixed preps.


I would be very grateful for any hint how to get rid of it. It is important that he still is able to do immunostainigs on the process samples.


Thank you very much and have a nice day. 


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