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I also share your frustration but also understand why this is probably
done in this manner.
The ideal situation would be if applicants went to a specific location,
all received the same tissues, and then  were given a list of slides to
produce. It tests all individuals under the same set of circumstances.
This would provide the necessary stress that makes a technician able to
deal with real life situations. 
Currently the system compared IHC slides that are done by hand and those
done by machine. This places those individuals who work in very small
labs that cannot afford an automatic stainer at a disadvantage.  The
acquiring of tissues is also difficult, working in a lab mostly
concerned with Mohs technique probably don't get to see many samples of
It also eliminates the possibility of cheating by individuals sending in
slides prepared by another individual.
While I think that testing as I outlined above is the most desirable
method it brings with it a lot of problems.
To set up such a system is possible but in the United States would be a
logistic nightmare. To even get the large amounts of material necessary
for testing would be very difficult (could keep a herd of cows
Considering the difficulties that would be involved I believe that the
current system, while not perfect, is the best under the circumstances.
Just my opinion.


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Subject: [Histonet] Dumbing down the practical???

I have a question for all those on the list who have taken the HT
  Why do you think that the practical exam does not cover the material
it used to?  Having taken mine in 1981, and then, later as a supervisor,

having trained 8 OJT's to sucessful completion of their certification, I

have observed that the practical is not near the test that it used to
There is no CNS tissue, no decalcified tissue, no submission of both a 
special stain and a H&E from the same block. Just one slide, one block,
stain.  Also how is the effect of fully automated special stainers vs 
prepared kits vs "homemade" solutions being taken into account?  There
even an informational question pertaining to this so that the ASCP could

begin to see the impact of the technology in our HT learning process?
the technician that can successfully load an autostainer be as effective
troubleshooting a stain as one who has learned every step by hand? Will
even be necessary in the future of Histology?  Just curious to hear some

opinions - Terri

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