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From:Shirley Powell

I plan to participate.  I too think it is a good idea.

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How many folks out there plan on doing the optional (for those already
registered) Certification Maintenance Program?  I think it's a good idea,
and I plan on doing it, but I just wanted to know what the general feeling
is.  Will anyone require that of their employees?

Bonnie Whitaker

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 Well, Florida sure does - I order mine through Anderson Continuing
Education ; 3268 Ramos Circle / P.O.Box 276297  ;  Sacramento, Ca  95827
   Phone: 1-800-532-2332 / FAX 1-916-856-5066
They're really easy to use.  You buy the book and they send a test booklet
of multiple choice questions and a scantron sheet - which you can fax when
you're done.  You'll get a certificate in the mail within a week. Each
course is mostly 24 CEUs with some exceptions that are 12 or 36. There's
also one out of Miami, FL but I don't have the info on that.
     Give them a call!!            Janet

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   California  has  no  requirements  for Histotechnicians for certifica
tion or continuing education.

   Jennifer MacDonald
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     Multiple  faceted  question.  I'll  = try to answer it as best as I
     1.There  is  NO  national  requiremen= t to have CEU to continue to
     work in
     histology  (or  cytology  or med tech,= etc.).  Most states have NO
     (Florida and maybe Califo= rnia are exceptions).
     2.  Hospitals  or your place of employment or ev= en you lab itself
     can set any
     requirement they want, including no requir= ement.
     3.  ASCP  has  a  new  requirement for all people passing a certif
ication exam
     after  Jan.  1,  2004.  Previously,  it  was  - once certified =
certified for
     life. Now there is a Certification Maintenance Program. (= CMP)
     Now,  if  you  want to maintain y= our certification status through
     ASCP, you
     must  have 36 points of contin= uing education every 3 year, submit
     a form with
     this  information  along  w=  ith  a  renewal  fee (currently $50).
     such  as  CEU  forms  are n= ot required, unless you are one of the
     picked  to  be audited. Of= the 36 points, for HT/HTL, 1 point must
     be on
     safety,   2   points   in   your   =   area   of  specialty  (i.e.,
     histotechnology) and the
     rest  of  the points can= be in your area of specialty, management,
     or any related lab= area of interest.
     Points  can be awarded for many types of CE, and e= ach type can be
     different number of points.
     For example:
     - 1= hour workshop =3D 1 point
     - 1 hour teleconference = 1 point
     - 1 se= mester hour of college =3D 15 points
     - competency assessment by your emp= loyer =3D 2 points per year
     -  authoring  an  article in a peer reviewed jo= urnal (such as NSH
     Journal of
     Histotechnology or ASCP Laboratory Medicin= e) =3D 5 points.
     4. Ways to get CE:
     Check  in  the  ASCP  CMP  pac= ket (see above link, click on right
     side). Page 6
     has lots of suggestion= s.
     - attending state meetings
     - attending national meetings
     - = in-services held at your institution
     - teleconferences (available throug= h NSH (301-262-6221) and ASCP
     - college classes (relat= ed to labs)
     - safety classes at your institution
     - competency assessm= ent
     - present at state and national meetings
     - write articles for his= totechnology journals
     - attend vendor workshops
     36  points  in 3 ye= ars really isn't a lot to have to get. And you
     don't have
     to  spend a lot= of money. In-services are free - just make certain
     you have
     documentati=  on  (i.e.  sign  in  sheet).  Most places have you do
     safety quizzes -
     fire, = electrical, blood borne pathogens, etc. They would count.
     Peggy A. W= enk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
     William Beaumont Hospital
     Royal Oak, MI 48073
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     >  Does anyone know where  you can ge= t CEU credits for histology?
       Are we
     >  obligated  to  have  so man= y a year?  And if so, how many??  I
     have never
     seen this
     &g= t; information written anywhere.
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