[Histonet] sample preparation/analysis to observe gas bubbles

From:Wayne Kreider

We're exploring a treatment in which small short-lived (perhaps on the 
order of seconds) gas bubbles may be generated in tissue.  To this end, 
we're interested in learning the 'instantaneous' state of the tissue 
immediately after treatment with regard to the presence of any bubbles.  
Currently, our experiments utilize rabbit muscle.  Are there any known 
histological sample preparation/analysis procedures that have been used 
to preserve/observe resident gas bubbles?  We have considered a flash 
freezing followed by staining and/or electron microscopy.  However, our 
expertise is not in histology, so we'd very much appreciate any 
suggestions and/or details regarding possible sample preparation.  Thanks.


/Wayne Kreider/

/University of Washington/

/Applied Physics Lab / CIMU/

/106 Old Fisheries/


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