[Histonet] curling sections

From:Kathleen Spencer

Hi Everyone,

Several months ago I sent out a cry for help because my perfused frozen 
20u sections had started curling up in tight little rolls in the 
buffer, which made it impossible to do IHC on them. We tried EVERYTHING 
and finally bought a new cryostat, a Leica 1850. It worked well for one 
month and then the curling started again. The Leica rep thought it had 
to be the environment and although it sounded crazy, we went with that.

So it was the humidity!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have moved the cryostat to a small room with a dehumidifier running 
constantly. The water catcher resevoir was full after 24 hrs! We were 
amazed and dumbfounded. So Memphis is the humidity capital of the world 
I guess.

Who would have thought?

My sections are nice and flat and beautiful now. I want to thank 
everyone that tried to help and as I promised, am letting you all know 
that it was the HUMIDITY!
I also put a large beaker of EtOH in the cryostat, and by the way, I 
love the Leica.
It is now in a small room in a different building with a dehumidifier 
running constantly.


Kathleen Spencer HT (ASCP)
Lab Manager/LCM Supervisor

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