[Histonet] bone marrow mush

From:"Patsy Ruegg"

I have a question for you.  One of my investigators harvested bone
marrow by just scrapping it out of the bone cavity, it is not in
anything (media, anticoagulant, fixative, etc.)  they just stored it at
4dc as a mush in a tube.  They want me now to prepare it so that they
can see what cells they have.  They also want to know if there are any
stem cells and what the viability is (by viability I mean they are
wondering if they could use it to grow some of the cells in culture).  I
really don't think I can tell them if they can grow the cells or not.
Anyway I was thinking of trying to make a cell block from this material
and process into paraffin or maybe even do frozen sections on the
pellet.  How would you go about making a pellet out of that stuff?
Would you put some buffer or media or fixative in the tube and spin it
down and then put it in HISTOGEL or wrap in tissue paper and then
Patsy Ruegg
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