[Histonet] block storage and eradastain

From:"Mollie Lange"

Hello Everyone,
I have two questions.  First, I need to store approximately 2000 (yes,
2000!) paraffin blocks, each measuring approx 24X40X20mm (not cassette
size). I am looking for sturdy cardboard boxes a little smaller than
shoe box size. Readily available freezer boxes are too small, and other
conventional boxes seem too flimsy.  Does anyone have a good source for
boxes?  Maybe a vendor who makes boxes to spec?
Second- are Eradastain and Eradosol still available?  We used to use
this in the Dark Ages to remove stain residue from glassware and
fingers.  Is there a good substitute, homemade or commercially
I am in the research side of neurohistology and neuropathology and have
gotten tons of useful info from the Histonet.
Thanks for any suggestions,
Mollie Lange
Neuroscience Research Laboratory
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Baltimore, MD
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