[Histonet] a much easier chemistry question

From:"Jack England"

Aloha all,

Here's a much more fun chemistry question for anyone that wants to bite: 
what is the best method to remove trypan/evans blue from cotton fabric?  One 
of my colleagues got some on her pants the other day and asked what the best 
way to get it out was.  I did not know, so I put some on cotton gauze, and 

--acid alcohol...faded the stain a little, but didn't get rid of it
--DI water...no change
--absolute ethanol...no change
--xylene...no change
--ethanol/non-ionic detergent/DI water rinse...no change
--citrus oil clearant...no change

Given that her fabric is tan (and thus not white, and thus likely not 
bleach-able), can anyone out there in histo-land suggest a way of 
de-staining trypan-blue-stained fabric? I've been wondering about this for a 
while now and figured I'd pass it around.

--Many thanks and aloha to all,
Jack England
Tissue Genesis, Inc.

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