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From:Wayne Kreider

Thanks for the input.  I did get a chance to look at this paper 
briefly.  Using these types of markers might be useful if we could see 
them with a high enough resolution.  However, given my understanding of 
the method, we would have trouble directly differentiating a bubble from 
dissolved gases, as is our primary goal.  I'm not just sure where we're 
headed with this in the future, but I'll let you know if we have some 

lkbauer@unmc.edu wrote:

>Hello Wayne,
>I recently read an article that may give you some direction. It explains
>how some gases can be detected by use of trapping agents.  This article on
>nitric oxide( half-life of only a few seconds) summarizes recent methods
>for visualizing NO in living tissues. Nitric Oxide 9 (2003) 217-228. Nitric
>oxide imaging in living neuronal tissues using fluorscent probes. Author
>Oliver von Bohen und Halbach. If you solve this I would be interested in
>your method. Good luck!
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