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From:Caroline Stott

Hi Ben,
We have quite regularly cut GMA at 10, 20, 30 and 40 microns.  We use a 
cotton bud to apply a little water to the face of the block, just gently 
rubbing it in.  Also place some water on the glass knife as the section 
will come off easier.  Then take a section and push it to the bottom of the 
water bowl/dish so it will flatten out.  Then slide the sections onto the 
slide.  Heres the tricky part....  We put a piece of filter paper on the 
bench then the slide on top, then another piece of wet filter paper on top 
of the slide (and sections) and use a roller  (like a paint roller) 
applying a little pressure while rolling around 20-30 times over the slide 
and finally place on a hotplate (not flat) that is around 60 degrees 
C.  Haven't had a problem.  :)
Hope that makes sense.


Caroline Stott

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