[Histonet] Re: Dumbing down the practical.

From:"Susan Owens"

>1. In all those years, there has never been a time that both the H&E and a
>special stain has been requested on the same tissue. That would be double
>penalizing someone if they had a bad tissue.

Well I don't agree. It's been a few years, but I seem to remember that I did
special stains and H&E on select blocks when I took the exam(in 1964).. And
this thing about a 'double penalizing someone' for a bad tissue...Well they
should not of used 'bad tissue' to begin with. And if they didn't know the
tissue was 'bad' then they shouldn't of been taking the exam.
I believe there are too many new faces in histoland that think they know it
all and in truth they don't have a clue.

ex: 1. A year or two ago I asked someone to make up a % solution of
something(I don't remember what)..I was told they didn't know how. I asked
'how could you not know,you have your HT?' They answered "that they didn't
need to know, where they worked before they purchased everything."
      2. This year someone I know was taking the practical. According to
them they were having a problem getting one of the special stains to work.
SO, after several tries, they just put it on the auto stainer then sent it
in with all the other slides.

What did this person learn? NOTHING
And what did ASCP learn? NOTHING (Do they understand  they are handing out
HT's to some people who don't know how to do the work?)

These are just two examples, I could list allot more....But my blood
pressure would go wild.

Just keep smiling.

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