[Histonet] RE: Re: DiffQuik Question again


In regards to doing a special stain BEFORE the H&E:
A stain is NOT a test.  The interrpretation and report of the stained 
slide/s (and conformation of appropriate stained control/s) by the 
pathologist is the legal definition of the test by CPT code and is the ONLY 
basis for billing.  Therefore, if a special stain is performed before the 
H&E is read, it is perfectly acceptable UNLESS the billed portion for either 
the technical or professional component is issued. In the vast majority of 
pathology billing, it is not.  Even if the bill is generated at stain order, 
it usually goes to a type of holding file until the case is completed.  Even 
if the stain is ordered, performed and read by the pathologist before OR 
after the H&E, it must be reported within the context of the report or it 
still cannot be legally billed. So stain away, all you Histotechs! but don't 
bill before its reported!!!!  Terri
Terri L Braud, HT(ASCP)
Surgical Pathology Manager
University of Virginia Health Systems

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