[Histonet] Modified Gomori's Trichrome

From:Sharon Allen

I have been having some trouble getting the mitochondria to stain well with
this stain. It stains only slightly when made up fresh. I have tried new
reagents, low ph, No luck.
Method I use:  Mayer's Hematoxylin  5 min.  wash
	          Gomori's trichrome   10 min. wash	
                      0.2% acetic acid       10 sec.
	Gomori's:  0.6 g  chromotrope 2R
                            0.3 g  fast green
                            0.6 g  phosphotungstic acid
                            1.0 ml glacial acetic acid
                            100 ml H2O	 
I just did the exact same method but used Celestine blue 2R for 5 min.
(found an old method with this step in it) before the Mayer's Hematoxylin &
the mitochondria stained up beautifully - bright red!!
Can anyone explain why this would happen or have any trick to make this
stain work without the celestine blue step.  

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